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We offer holistic business solutions, from business registration, tax compliance, bookkeeping , accounting services, contract drafting  amongst other services. Our key strengths lie in our team of professional consultants with experience and knowledge in providing business services to companies of various sizes, and operating in different industries. We have a strong focus on value, we prioritise perfection, quality delivery and turn-around acceleration, all at an optimal cost. We have offices in Zimbabwe , South Africa and Botswana and have assisted thousands of companies in those countries  to register and scale  their businesses.


Tax Services

All  tax related services

Annual returns

Annual Returns

Trusts Registrations

Registrations of Trusts 


Certified Accountants

Types Of Companies You Can Register in Zimbabwe

PVT [Private Limited Company ]

  • Mainly meant for medium to large businesses
  • Minimum of 2 (two) people can register
  • Has a legal persona of its own apart from its owners
  • Has perpetual succession
  • Can have a maximum of 50 directors
  • Shareholders are owners and can be different from the directors
  • companies , individuals , organizations can be shareholders in a Private Limited
  • Comprised of directors and shareholders
  • Has a certificate of incorporation, memorandum and articles of association, CR6 and CR5
  • Registered articles of association

PBC [Private Business Corporation]

  • For small to medium businesses
  • Minimum of One person can register
  • Has a legal persona of its own apart from its owners
  • Has perpetual succession
  • Can have a maximum of 20 members/owners
  • Members are the same as shareholders/owners/directors
  • Companies cannot be shareholders or hold a member’s interest in a PBC, only individuals can be members
  • Comprised of members
  • Has an incorporation statements
  • Articles of association are not required


  • Private limited Company
  • Share Certificate
  • Bank Account Opening
  • Tax Clearance and Renewal (SARS)
  • CIDB Registration


  • Private Limited Company
  • Bank account Opening
  • Share Certificates
  • Secretary Appointment


Website Design Services

Website Design Services

Graphic Design Services

Graphic Design Services

Business Plans

Business Plans

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